Official language Vs National language

India, a country which has 1,652 different languages and  22 official languages, has not even a National language. It always surprises me that why we, the people of India, were not be able to declare a common national language, after 70 years of independence.

Almost, every country has a National language. In my understanding, language is not about expression only, somewhere it connects the people as well. I am a great advocate of protection of cultural diversity but not at the peril of national disintegration. Why in India, all the parliamentary proceedings, higher judiciary proceedings and all the communication between central and state government made are bilingual, i.e. in Hindi and English?

If English is rooted at such extent in our society then why don’t we declare English as our national language? Or, if we want to throw away the legacy of British and to establish our own language then let Hindi be our national language.

This is the high time that we should be united on this issue and stand up to have a common national language in our constitution. At least, let India speak in her own language.​


Lost charm of Indian mythology

​Yesterday, I was reading Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik it’s a book which is based on Hindu mythology. I know it is fundamental right that people can express what think and I found this is the better way .After this if anfatwa will be created I will approach congress, or any other party which is now in opposition.  ​

I am the person who is interested in Indian mythology, and I have read many books of mythology ,earlier books like Bhagvadgeeta, Tulsidas’s Ramayana, Rashmirathi, and mahabharatha as well as some modern writer’s books like Devdutt pattanaik’s Jaya, Sita, Devlok, Chitra Banerjee Divakuruni’s The pallace of illusions, Narendra kohli’s Mahasamar, Manu sharma’s Krishna ki aatmakatha, Draupadi ki aatmakatha, e.t.c. ​

After reading all this books what I felt is Hindi litrrature specially Hindu mythology is loosing its charm day by day. Earlier, literature and Muthology was something that could be believed but now what is called literature is interpretation of something that is not correct. Interpreting something which is not correct isnot good. So modern Hindi literature should be improved which would be a wonder for our upcoming generations.. ​